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4 GB Data
Excess data 5.2c/MB
All for use within Oz
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The Fine Print:
International roaming not available with mobile broadband services. Proof of ID required. Data includes uploads & downloads & charged per KB. Acceptable Use Policy applies. Service cancellation may apply if you download continuously or if your use adversely impacts other users. Peer to peer speed is limited to 32Kbps. 1) Included data has 30 day expiry. 2) Broadband speeds are available in the 3G Dual Band areas of the Optus Open network. Outside of these areas you will fall back to Optus’ GSM/GPRS network. See for more info. 3) Devices must be WiFi™ enabled and meet minimum system requirements. WiFi™ signal range varies from house to house and can be affected by the proximity of electromagnetic devices, large metal objects, bodies of water or several high density walls between your computer and WiFi™ modem, and the location of the WiFi™ modem within your home. *Many factors affect Mobile Broadband speeds including volume of network traffic, your device, location, software and source of your download, and whether you have access to any HSPA+ sites.