Android™, the world's most popular mobile platform. Quick and easy browsing, cloud sync, multi-tasking and the latest Google apps.

Sony Xperia™ SP

Sony Xperia™ SP

"robust performance and capable
hardware make it the hidden gem"
- GSMArena

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"This is a powerful and feature-rich
smartphone that doesn't fail to impress"
- Cnet

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Android™ is Google's™ operating system for smart phones. It's basically the software that runs the entire phone - like Windows for PCs or OSX for Macs. The latest version of Android™ is 4.2 (aka Jelly Bean), which boasts improved speed and performance, plus a stack of other new or improved features. Before Jelly Bean was Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb (tablets only), Gingerbread, Froyo and Eclair. What's next? Rumour has it we might be in for a slice of Key Lime Pie.


An Android™ app is an application that gives you the freedom to search, follow, read, update, play, save, connect, and anything else you can think of that will make using your own smart phone a breeze. Many Android™ phones come pre-loaded with Google™ apps like Gmail, Google Search, Map, Calendar and YouTube™. But whether you have a specific functionality in mind, or feel like trying something new, the Android Market™ is available for you to choose from thousands of apps to suit your wants and needs.


The beautiful thing about Android™ phones is that you can personalise your phone to suit you. Customise different home screens to suit your lifestyle; stay up to date and connected with your friends by integrating your fave social networking apps; experience smooth mobile web browsing on your terms.


If you want to use your smart phone to do a lot of uploading or downloading, or watching lots of videos through apps like YouTube™ then you want to ensure you have plenty of data. You can add a data plan to any postpaid mobile plan or check out the included data on our postpaid plans here.

Cnet quote: Quote taken from Cnet Australia review published by Rich Trenholm & Nic Healey, September 27, 2013

+ Any unused plan included value rolls over to following month only and is used once the following month's plan included value is exhausted. Data does not roll over.

Note: Approved customers only. 1st bill is pro-rated (min monthly spend and included value and data) from date you connect / upgrade to the start of next month's bill. All rates apply in Oz. Android and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

The Optus 4G Network is available in selected areas. Coverage is device dependent. 4G Dual band refers to our 4G 1800MHz/2300MHz coverage and devices. 4G Single band refers to our 4G Single band 1800MHz coverage and devices. Compatible 4G devices can also access the Optus 3G & 2G network. A number of factors may affect coverage including location, demand on the network and the use of an external antenna. 4G WiFi Device will only access 4G 1800MHz network, outside of these areas, it will automatically fall back to 3G network. The 4G 1800MHz network is not available in Canberra. Check coverage at