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24 Month Plans: approved customers only. If you leave early you'll need to pay out any unpaid contributions towards the full cost of your device including those we were going to cover. You can find out the monthly contributions for your device from bills, sign up information, or by logging in at virginmobile.com.au/myaccount

Bonus Data Online Only: available when you get a new number with us, port your current number across from a provider that does not use the Optus network, or you're already with us and want to upgrade plans, and sign up online to selected Virgin Mobile Postpaid plans. Bonus is 1GB on the $40, $50 and $60 24 month phone plans as well as on the $50 SIM-only plan; 2GB on the $70 24 month phone plan; 5GB on the $80 24 month phone plan; and 7GB on the $100 24 month phone plan; 4GB on the $60 SIM-only plan; and 6GB on the $80 SIM-only plan. You will receive the bonus on top of your standard monthly data allowance until you cancel or change plans. Not available to use with other bonus data offers. Offer ends 22 July 2015.

Included Value: can be used for calls & text to standard national and international numbers, as well as calls to 13 numbers & MMS to Oz numbers. Standard charges apply once included value is used up & for non-included call & messaging types. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

Data: is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads and downloads.

Rollover Value and Data: any unused included value or data rolls over to the next month only, can be used once the next month's inclusion has been spent and may be forfeited if you change plan.

SIM Plans: approved customers only. If you bring your own device make sure it’s not locked to another provider and that it’s compatible with our networks described at virginmobile.com.au/coverage

Outright Handset Payments: anyone can buy upfront in-store. Postpaid mobile customers can also buy handsets upfront online or over the phone but are limited to one handset every three months. SIM Plan customers, as well as customers continuing beyond the term of their 24 month plan, can also pay off a new handset in 12 monthly instalments. If you cancel your Postpaid mobile plan before the 12 months is up, just pay out your remaining handset instalments.

Pay Over Time: if you cancel your Postpaid mobile plan before the 12 months is up, just pay out your remaining handset instalments.

4G is available in selected areas. See where you can get it on your device at virginmobile.com.au/coverage

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