Want a shiny new phone? Exciting. Pick a plan that gives you all the calls, text and FairData™ you need. Then pick a phone that takes your fancy (we've got all the big brands from Apple to Samsung and beyond).

Our SIM Plans let you BYO phone, or buy a new one outright from us, with your choice of no lock-in contract and heaps of calls, text and FairData™ – or commit to 12-months and get even more.


Up to 20GB


Celebrate your new plan with a once-off Data Gift from us. Your gift even rolls over if you don't use it all.

Join us by 11 October 17.

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FairData™ loves music streaming

Stream your music with no data charges on Spotify, Google Play MusicTM and iHeartRadio. Available on select new Postpaid plans.

Fair Use Policy applies. For use in Oz. Stream until 01/03/18 and up to 512kbps. Downloads, video & non-music content incur data charges. Streaming services subject to change at any time.

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Chat away from Oz to the UK, USA, NZ, China, India, Canada & Singapore for the life of your $80 & $100 Phone Plan or $60 12-month SIM Plan when you sign up by 30 August 2017.

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Why Virgin Mobile?

data sharing
fair data

Data Gifting

Share your spare FairData™ with friends on a Virgin Mobile Postpaid Plan.

data rollover
fair data

Data Rollover

Your unused FairData™ rolls over to the next month. Hey, we love second chances.

data-free music
fair data


Rock on (and on) with data-free music streaming on Spotify, iHeartRadio & Google Play Music on Postpaid Plans.

4G for real

4G For Real

Powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network, we’ll feed your phone’s need for speed.

The Fine Print:

4G: is available in selected areas. See where you can get it on your device at virginmobile.com.au/coverage

24 Month Plans: approved customers only. If you leave early you'll need to pay out any unpaid contributions towards the full cost of your device including those we were going to cover. You can find out the monthly contributions for your device from bills, sign up information, or by logging in at virginmobile.com.au/myaccount

SIM Plans and Cancellation: approved customers only. Cancellation fees apply if you leave a 12 month plan early. If you bring your own device make sure it's not locked to another provider and that it's compatible with our networks described at virginmobile.com.au/coverage

Included Value: can be used for calls & text to standard national and international numbers, as well as calls to 13 numbers & MMS to Oz numbers. Standard charges apply once included value is used up & for non-included call & messaging types. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

Data: is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads and downloads.

Rollover Value and Data: any unused included data (and extra data if you went into it) or value for calls & text rolls over to the next month only, can be used once the next month's inclusion has been spent and may be forfeited if you change plan.

FairDataTM: Postpaid customers only. Fair Use Policy and other t&cs apply.

Data Gifting: You can give your spare data (to use in Oz) to any other Virgin Mobile customer on a Postpaid mobile plan. Data Gifts can't be returned and extra data charges still apply, so double-check before you give to make sure you're giving to the right person and that you'll have enough left for yourself. Data usage info may be delayed by up to 48 hours. Gift until 16 Feb 2018, unless extended. #sharingiscaring #datalove

One-off Data Gift: Sign up or upgrade between 31 August and 11 October 2017 on a 24 Month Phone Plan or 12 Month SIM Plan to receive a once off Data Gift of: all 12 Month SIM Plans, $40, $45 and $55 Phone Plans: 10GB; $70 and $80 Phone Plans: 15GB; $100 Phone Plan: 20GB. After the first month, standard data inclusions apply. Can be used in conjunction with Data Rollover. Fair Use Policy applies. Offer ends 11 October 2017 unless extended or withdrawn earlier. Binge watch responsibly.

Data Free Music Steaming: available when you sign up or change plans, from the 31 August 2017, to a $30 or higher Postpaid (Phone or SIM) mobile plan. Stream music data free with featured apps until 1 March 2018. Stream up to 512kbps. Streaming services subject to change at any time. Song downloads, data tethering, video content, non-music content such as album art, ads, authentication & app analytics are excluded and will incur data charges. Streaming services may require paid subscription fees & may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems. Suitable for one stream per service on mobile & tablet devices only. 

International Calls Bonus: available when you sign up on $80 & $100 (24 month) Phone Plans, $45 (24 month) International Phone Plan; $60 12-month SIM plan & $35 International 12-month SIM plan by 11 October 2017. You will receive unlimited standard international calls from Oz to the UK, USA, NZ, China, India, Singapore and Canada until you cancel or change plans. Fair Use Policy applies.

Velocity 2 for 1 Points Offer: You can earn 2 Velocity Points for each $1 spent on your Virgin Mobile Postpaid service until 31 October 2017. Available when you're an Oz resident over 18 once you've linked your Velocity membership number at virginmobile.com.au/MyAccount. Your Velocity account must be in the same name as your phone plan. Velocity membership terms and conditions apply. If you link your Velocity membership when signing up with Virgin Mobile it may take up to 60 days for points to be credited. The earn rate, conditions and offer period may change without notice.