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4G is the latest evolution of mobile technology. It's about giving you faster download speeds and a better overall mobile internet experience. Learn more.

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Prepaid cap with pay-rise

We think you deserve a Prepaid cap with pay-rise. We'll keep upping your credit each time you recharge until you reach a massive $150 extra. Maintain your bonus $150 each month as long as you keep recharging.

YOU PAY (for use within Oz)
1ST RECHARGE Included credit 2ND RECHARGE Included credit 3RD RECHARGE Included credit 4TH RECHARGE Included credit


$100 $150 $200 $250
$29 1GB $450 $500 $550 $600
$49 1GB $900 $950 $1000 $1050
$79 1GB $1500 $1550 $1600 $1950
$99 1GB $1850 $1900 $1950 $2000

To make sure you get your pay-rise we'll send you an SMS when it's time to recharge.

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The Fine Print: proof of ID required. You need at least a 1c balance to use your service (apart from calling 1800 numbers) and we may cancel it if you don’t recharge within 180 days after your value expires. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

Data: allowance includes uploads and downloads and if you go over your inclusion, Virgin Internet APN excess data is charged at 0.2c/KB and Yes Internet APN excess data is charged at 12c/MB and deducted in 1MB units. You need at least a $1.03 balance to use data and the maximum data balance is 5GB.

Rollover Value: when you recharge with the same type of voucher before your value expires.

Prepaid Pay-Rise: recharge value comprises plan credit (equivalent to the cost of the recharge) and extra credit (being the balance). Extra credit is always used first and can only be used for standard voice calls, text, MMS and calls to 13 & 1300 numbers. Recharge with a Pay Rise cap voucher before your last recharge expires to receive an additional $50 extra credit (up to a maximum of $150). Additional extra credit will be applied up to 72 hours after each recharge. Maximum extra credit balance is $5,000. All recharges have a 28 day expiry.

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