Don't need a new modem? BYO (bring your own) modem to us and choose from variety of plans designed to suit everyday use, or something for when you're out and about. You'll get great coverage on both the Optus network which reaches 98.5% of the population in Oz.

Plus BYO a 4G capable device and get super-fast 4G coverage in many metro areas.

  • No commitment - leave anytime
  • Order online for fast, free delivery anywhere in Oz
Recharge Voucher Data (For use within Oz) Expiry Good to know Next step
$15 400MB 15days

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Buy a new modem or SIM

$19 750MB 30days
$29 2GB 30days
$49 4GB 45days
$79 6GB 90days
$99 8GB 180days
Long Expiry
12GB 365days
Long Expiry
18GB 365days
Price Data (For use within Oz) Expiry Good to know Buy now
Long Expiry
10GB  365days call 131922

All our postpaid plans include

  • No bill shock – we don’t charge for excess usage
  • Get what you pay for - we charge per KB, not per MB
Monthly Plans Data (Cost of 1MB data included in plan. For use within Oz) Contract Good to know BYO Modem
$20 2GB($0.0093/MB) No lock in contract
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Get a Standard SIM
Get a Nano SIM
$30 6GB($0.0047/MB) Get a Standard SIM
Get a Nano SIM
$40 12GB($0.0032/MB) Get a Standard SIM
Get a Nano SIM
$60 13GB($0.0045/MB) Get a Standard SIM
Get a Nano SIM

Which SIM card do I need?

Got a 3G iPad? Grab a Micro SIM

Got an iPad Air or mini?

Grab a Nano SIM.

Use a Standard Sized SIM Card for non-iPad

Currently all other 3G or 4G compatible tablets
(eg. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab)
use a standard and micro sized SIM card.

Got a WiFi-only iPad™? Check out our WiFi modem for a portable way to get online on the go.

The Fine Print:

Postpaid Mobile Broadband: Approved customers only. If you leave your plan early, you’ll also need to pay out any unpaid contributions towards the full cost of your device including those we were going to cover. You can find out the monthly contributions for your device from bills, sign up information, or by logging in at

Prepaid Mobile Broadband: Proof of ID required and we may cancel your service if you don’t recharge within 180 days after your value expires.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data: allowance includes uploads and downloads and is counted in kilobytes. If you go over your allowance you will be unable to use further data and your browser will redirect to our website where you can recharge. Peer to Peer speed is limited to 32kbps.

Rollover Data: when you recharge with the same type of voucher before your data expires. 

Bring Your Own (BYO): Check your device is not locked to other networks and that it’s compatible with the networks described at

Postpaid Mobile Broadband Data: Data is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads and downloads. Exceed your monthly allowance and speed will be limited to 128kbps for the next 250MB. Use more and your service will be unavailable until the start of your next billing month. Peer to peer speed is limited to 32kbps.

Coverage: 4G is available in selected areas. See where you can get it on your device at

iPad: is a trademark of Apple Inc. 

Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 67 092 726 442.