Mobile Broadband you can share on the go

No wires
Up to 25m range

Share your data with a smartphone, laptop or an iPad
Up to 8 WiFi devices1

Portable & light
Pocket sized & just 95g

Wifi Modem


The Fine Print: International roaming not available with mobile broadband services. Data includes uploads and downloads & is charged per KB. Exceed your data allowance & speed is limited to 128kbps for the next 250MB. Use more and your service will be unavailable until the first day of your next usage period. Acceptable Use Policy applies. Peer to peer speed is limited to 32Kbps. 1) Devices must be WiFi enabled and meet minimum system requirements. WiFi signal range varies from house to house and can be affected by the proximity of electromagnetic devices, large metal objects, bodies of water or several high density walls between your computer and WiFi modem, and the location of the WiFi modem within your home. Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Limited ABN 67 092 726 442.