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$0 Incl Value
Std Ntl 2 min call costs $2.36
Std Ntl SMS costs 28c
0MB Data
Excess data 5.2c per MB.
All for use within Oz
I accept the fine print
The Fine Print:
Fine Print: proof of ID required. You need at least a 1c balance to use your service (apart from calling 1800 numbers) and we may cancel it if you don’t recharge within 180 days after your credit expires. Our Fair Use Policy applies.
Data: allowance includes uploads and downloads and if you go over your inclusion, Virgin Internet APN excess data is charged at 0.2c/KB and Yes Internet APN excess data is charged at 12c/MB and deducted in 1MB units. You need at least a $1.03 balance to use data and the maximum data balance is 5GB (or 12GB on Prepaid Plus).
Rollover Credit & Data: when you recharge with the same type of voucher before your credit expires.