What is it that unites the many Virgin brand companies around the world?

It's a cheeky sense of fun, it's challenging the status quo, it's finding spaces where we can make a difference - then making it. It's giving our customers amazing value and a smile.

And of course it's got quite a lot to do with Sir Richard Branson, the worlds coolest boss. Seriously, there was a survey and he won.

Here at Virgin Mobile, we've been putting our customers first for over 10 years. Ever since Richard Branson saw an opportunity to stir up the Aussie telco market in the early noughties, we've been making a splash with our innovative products, cheeky ad campaigns and world-class customer service.

We've certainly come a long way from the early days when each new connection meant a little bell rang in the call centre, to proudly having more than 1 million customers in Australia.

We think a telco relationship should be rewarding so our customers also receive a host of benefits including Virgin family perks, exclusive discounts and VIP access to gigs and music festivals.

And because we use the Optus network it means that up to 98.5% of the population in Oz can get a clear Virgin Mobile signal. So come on in, more customers are always welcome!