James Gully

Head of Virgin Mobile

James Gully, our CEO aka Head Honcho, grew up in Melbourne, where he attended Monash University and survived student life to come out the other side with a Bachelor of Economics to his name. His 25-year career has spanned multiple industries but he has dedicated the biggest chunk of his working life to telecommunications, with a combined 17 years spent between Optus and Virgin Mobile. He absolutely loves the Virgin brand and embraces Richard Branson's people-first philosophy ... or as he puts it: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". As an avid Carlton supporter he loves a trip to the footy, unless the weather is great in which case he’s more likely to be seen stand-up-paddleboarding somewhere on Sydney Harbour. Between all that he still manages to enjoy quality time with his wife and 4 kids, and is reported to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of his busy day.