Come on in, this is where we stash all the stuff that's made us proud over the last 15 years.
And possibly also a couple of jousting sticks we picked up on eBay.


We've always fancied ourselves as being the people's champion. Luckily, quite a few people who give awards for this stuff have agreed with us over the years.



We're proud to say we've won Canstar Blue's Most Satisfied Customers award for Phone Plans the last 2 years in a row, scoring a perfect 5-stars for overall customer satisfaction in 2016 and 2017. Learn More

Voted Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year

Roy Morgan Award

Voted Best Mobile Phone Provider

Smart Investor Award

Ranked No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction


Best Value Mobile Broadband

PC and Tech Authority Award


We may not be the biggest phone company in Oz, but it's amazing how often we've been the first to launch innovative, Australian-first features for our customers.

  • First Aussie Telco to offer Apple Watch support
  • First to offer free voicemail
  • First to offer rollover calls & texts
  • First to roll over data on postpaid plans
  • First to offer Prepaid Payrise
  • First to offer mobile plans with free flights included
  • First headphone loan program in Oz shopping malls
  • First live web-stream from an Oz music festival
  • First use of wristband prize technology at an Oz music festival


Ah, Warren, we'll never forget you. And Doug, and 5 Cent, and all the other characters who've helped make Virgin Mobile Australia who we are today.

2014 - Making Mobile Better

Making Mobile Better

2013 - Game of Phones

Game of Phones

2012 - Fair Go Bro

Fair Go Bro

2011 - Robin da Hood

Robin da Hood

2009 - Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

2005 - Jason D

Jason D

2004 - 5cent

5 cent

2003 - Warren



Compared to our competition, our budgets are tiny. But we kinda like it that way, because it means we have to be extra creative with our thinking.

Creative Awards

2015 APAC Smarties
Gold Award for Promotion (#mealforameal)

Best Marketing Initiative (#mealforameal)

2015 Reader's Digest Quality Service Awards
Mobile Phone Service Provider (Silver)

2014 Gold Cannes Lion
Creative Effectiveness (Fair Go Bro)

2014 Gold Internationalist Award for Media Innovation
Game of Phones Campaign

2014 Webby Award for Email Marketing
Cheers for all the Years

2014 Gold Effie Award "David vs Goliath"
Doug Pitt & Virgin Mobile

Best Marketing Initiative

2013 Adfest Lotus Awards
Direct – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2013 Festival of Media Global

  • Best Launch Campaign (Finalist)
  • Best Digitally Integrated (Finalist)
  • The Effectiveness Award (Finalist)

2012 Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards

  • Best TV commercial (30 seconds) – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best consumer magazine campaign – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best integrated campaign led by PR – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best digital marketing integrated solution – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best business to consumer digital campaign - Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best viral film - Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2012 Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Awards
Marketing Communications, Business to Consumer – Robin Da Hood (Finalist)

The 2012 Australian Effie Awards
Category H: Other – Taking the "phony" out of the carrier category – Robin Da Hood (Finalist)

19th Annual AIMIA Awards
Best Use of Social Media – Splendour in the Grass (Finalist)

2012 Festival of Media Asia Awards

  • Best Communications Strategy – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best Engagement Strategy – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2012 CommsCon Awards
B2C campaign – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2012 Young Guns Awards
Best integrated campaign – Fair Go Bro (Bronze)

2012 Spikes Asia Awards
Best viral film – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2012 Mumbrella Awards
Award for bravery – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)

2012 B&T Awards

  • Best Ad Campaign – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Best PR Campaign – Fair Go Bro (Finalist)
  • Marketing Team of the Year – Virgin Mobile Marketing team (Finalist)