This page explains all the rates & fees for services which are not 'standard'.

What is a Standard Call/Text/Photo?

A standard call/text/photo message is from your Virgin Mobile in Australia to a mobile phone or landline also in Australia. These are the basic numbers you use in everyday life: like calling a local business, texting your grandma in Wagga, or sending your jealous workmates a photo of yourself on holiday (in Oz).

Postpaid Mobile Roaming Rates

Our Postpaid Mobile Roaming Rates are calculated based on the wholesale costs charged to us by our overseas carrier partners as well as our cost to provide the service to you. These rates are affected by various factors including currency fluctuations and overseas carrier changes.

To get the roaming rates for certain countries, please call 1300 555 100. From overseas call +61 2 8860 9848. Any rates quoted are only approximations and may change due to various factors.

What is a Special Number?

Special numbers are everything else. They include some of the numbers you'll use to contact us and to use your Virgin Mobile, as well the numbers used for voting on TV shows, information updates, entering competitions and buying ringtones, games and wallpapers.

19 rates in particular can vary so be sure you check the fine print when making a call or sending a text or photo to one of these numbers. The rate should be advertised together with the number.

If you're on a monthly plan, be aware that special numbers are generally not included as part of your monthly included value.

See our current Postpaid plans or Prepaid plans.

Special Numbers Rate
124RED (124733) Directory 49¢/30secs (billed per 30 seconds) + 99¢ call connection
767 SOS Ring 25¢
Texts to 13, 18 or to Landline numbers 35¢
11 numbers (e.g. 1194, 1196) 49¢/30sec (billed per 30 seconds) + 99¢ call connection
12 numbers 49¢/30sec (billed per 30 seconds) + 99¢ call connection
18 and 1800 numbers Free in Oz
Virgin Mobile Sales - 1333 23 25¢
19 numbers (available after 3-6 months Postpaid) 16.5¢/30 sec (billed per 30 seconds) + 20¢ call connection + advertised rate
Calls to mobile satellite services $2.20/30 sec (billed per 30 seconds) + 75¢ call connection
Calls to Thuraya satellite services $4.90/30 sec (billed per 30 seconds) + 75¢ call connection
Emergency calls (000, 112) Free in Oz
Virgin Mobile Team number 1300 555 100 Free in Oz
13 and 1300 numbers Standard call rates
Other Services Rate
Call waiting and caller ID Free in Oz
Call forwarding and call return Your call rates
To change your Rave Rate number $3.50
Swap to a new, randomonly selected number $25
SIM replacement $15
Other Postpaid Rate
Late payment fee $10
Payment dishonour fee $30
Bill reprint fee No charge (for past 24 months*)
Transferring your mobile ownership $25
Insurance for new phone connections $9.95 per month
Other Prepaid Rate
RED (733) Prepaid top up line is free
BAL (225) 20c per call or text for Prepaid balance
Prepaid Call Usage Report $5.50
Transferring your mobile ownership Free

*Beyond this, the cost of retrieving your bill will be passed on to you. We will advise you of the charge before proceeding. Remember, you can access your previous 18 months worth of bills anytime using My Account free of charge.