If you're happy, we're happy. Virgin Mobile is committed to providing you with the best possible service and we set ourselves very high standards, but if you are dissatisfied with our services, we want you to let us know so we can get it right.

How we handle complaints

Virgin Mobile aims to provide an accessible, easy to use and transparent mechanism for dealing with customer complaints in a timely and courteous and fair manner.

You have the right to make a complaint and we will make sure you're happy with the proposed resolution of your complaint before we implement it.

This policy is approved and endorsed by our CEO in accordance with the Telecommunication Consumer Protections Code and is under the day to day direction of our Head of Customer Experience.

If you would like to receive a copy of this Complaint Handling Policy in another language please let us know

How to make a complaint

The easiest way to lodge a complaint is to call our Customer Service team on 1300 555 100, Monday to Friday 8:30am - 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 9am - 6pm (Sydney time).

However, you can always make a complaint:

Our aim is to ensure that our complaint handling process is available to all customers, including customers and former customers with disabilities, those suffering hardship (such as financial hardship) and those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

If you need assistance in formulating, lodging or progressing a complaint, please let one of our customer service representatives know. Alternatively you can appoint a Customer Advocate / Representative to make a complaint on your behalf. You should be present to authorise the person you wish to appoint.

If you are deaf of have a hearing or speech impairment you can use the services of the National Relay Service to make a complaint.

If English is not your first language you may use the services of the National Translating and Interpreting Service to make a complaint.

What happens when you make a complaint?

Our aim is resolve your complaint in an objective, efficient and fair manner. We will first acknowledge your complaint and then try to resolve it as soon as we can. If you make your complaint to us in person or over the phone we’ll acknowledge it straight away, otherwise we’ll acknowledge it within 48 hours of receipt.

It may not always be possible to resolve your complaint on the first call, for example, because records have to be reviewed or further enquiries have to be made. However, our aim is to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 15 working days or within time frames agreed with you. If we are unable to resolve your complaint within 15 working days we will let you know the reasons why this is the case.

Urgent Complaints


  • you have a complaint and you have applied for or have previously been in hardship under our Financial Hardship policy;
  • are a priority assistance customer and the complaint relates to the service for which you receive priority. We consider that you require priority assistance under the following circumstances:
    • visually impaired;
    • hearing impaired;
    • life threatening condition; or
    • your complaint relates to an account where the account holder is deceased,

you should mention this at the time of making your complaint. Your complaint will then be escalated to a Team Leader to be resolved within 2 working days.

Please note that we will attempt to resolve Urgent Complaints within 2 working days, or in a time frame agreed with you. If we are unable to resolve an Urgent Complaint within 2 working days we will let you know the reasons why this is the case.

What happens if you are not happy with the way in which your Complaint has been handled?

If you are not happy with the way in which the Virgin Mobile Representative handled your complaint, you can request to speak with a Supervisor. Where you have raised a matter with a Supervisor, the Supervisor will aim to resolve the complaint as soon as possible and within the time frames agreed with you.

If you remain unsatisfied with our handling of your complaint you have the right to ask the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to assist.

You can refer a complaint to the TIO at any time, although you will need to speak to us to attempt to resolve the matter prior to taking your complaint to the TIO.

To lodge a complaint with the TIO you can call 1800 062 058 (1800675692 from a TTY handset) or write to:

PO Box 276
Collins Street West

We should also let you know that we won’t cancel your service just because you've been unable to resolve your complaint with us and choose to pursue your external dispute resolution options.

Tracking Complaints

When you make a complaint, it will be assigned a Case ID number. You can use this number to track the progress of your complaint by contacting our customer service team as per the contact details above.