What do email, online shopping and selfies have in common? They all need data!

If you feel your plan doesn't quite cover your data needs, get a month-to-month Data Pack and give your Phone or Mobile Broadband plan a data boost. From just $15, a Data Pack automatically adds data to your plan until you decide you no longer need it.

And just like the data that comes with your Phone, SIM or Mobile Broadband plan, any unused data from your Data Pack will roll over to the next month, so you don't lose what you don't use.

Postpaid Data Packs

  • $15 PER MONTH
  • 2GB (0.73c/MB)
  • $20 PER MONTH
  • 4GB (0.49c/MB)
  • $35 PER MONTH
  • 8GB (0.43c/MB)
  • $75 PER MONTH
  • 18GB (0.41c/MB)
  • $100 PER MONTH
  • 25GB (0.39c/MB)
  • $150 PER MONTH
  • 100GB (0.15c/MB)

Critical Information Summary

FairData: Postpaid customers only. Fair Use Policy and other T&Cs apply.

Data Packs for Postpaid plans: charged monthly until you cancel with 30 days' notice. Plan data (including any data rollover) is used before your Data Pack. Changing to a lower spend Data Pack (or Data Value Add by the old name, which have had the same spend & data levels since 24 July 2015) takes effect from your next billing month. Other changes take effect straight away and data & charges may be pro-rated for the remaining portion of your current billing month. Data is to use in Oz, is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads & downloads. See full terms

Step 1.

Step 1

Login to My Account and click on the 'Services' Tab at the top

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Step 2.

Step 2

Under 'My Options' click 'Data Pack'

Step 3.

Step 3

Select the amount you need and you're done!

Auto Alerts

Auto Alerts

Get Auto-Alerts on your usage

Keep on top of your FairData™ usage with Auto-Alerts. We will text you to let you know when you've used approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of calls, text, or data. You can change these alerts to what suits you just by logging into My Account.

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Stay in the know on the go

Our brand new My Account app makes it even easier to control your usage and stay in the know while you're on the go

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The Fine Print:

FairData: Postpaid customers only. Fair Use Policy and other T&Cs apply.