With Virgin Mobile, standard international calls are part of your included value on all of our Postpaid Plans.
See below call rates to reach your friends & family across the world when calling from Oz.

Premium International Calls

These are calls to any non-standard overseas number.
They are not included in any of our Postpaid Plans, which means they'll be added to your bill, and they cost 40c/30 seconds (0c call connection) so dial with caution!
These numbers are regulated by each country and may change at any time, please check out Value Added Services for more info.

We are having technical issues loading international call rates. Please check back in a few minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


International SMS

We think sending an SMS to anywhere overseas from Australia should not cost much more than sending one to your neighbour - check your individual plan for actual cost.

You should be able to SMS your mates in these countries, although sometimes it will only work on certain networks in those countries.

Video calling is only available to limited international destinations and networks, and may not work to all the countries in this list.

Barred International Locations

Virgin Mobile has barred all direct-dial calls to these destinations:

Cuba (including Guantanamo Bay), Diego Garcia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Liechtenstein, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Syria, Thuraya Satellite Services

If you need access to one of these locations restored, please contact us on 1300 555 100. In some cases we may be able to lift the restriction for you if you can provide us with some additional information.