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Keep tabs on your calls, text & data usage and never worry about bill shock again. Data Breakdown gives you even more detail, so dive in and geek out.


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Know someone who needs a data top-up? Data Gifting let’s you share your spare data – and if you need a boost yourself, it’s easy to grab a Data Pack.

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International roaming

Use your mobile or broadband service overseas! Set it up, view the rates, and if you need one, get extra data for 20 popular countries with a Roaming Data Pack.

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Pay your bill

Pay a single bill (in full or part) with your credit card, or set and forget with a Direct Debit. Either way, the app makes bills a breeze.

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Multiple services

Got multiple services with us? View them all in the app. Got a Mobile Broadband plan? The app works just as well for it too. Let’s get this party started.

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The Fine Print:

Data Gifting: Virgin Mobile Postpaid customers only. For use in Oz. Data gifts can’t be returned. Extra data charges still apply. Data usage info may be delayed up to 48hrs. Gift until 31 July 2018, unless extended

Apple: iPhoneTM and © Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Android: is a trademark of Google Inc.

FairData: Postpaid mobile customers only. Fair Use Policy and other t&cs apply.

Data Packs for Postpaid Mobile: charged monthly until you cancel with 30 days’ notice. Plan data (including any data rollover) is used before your Data Pack. Changing to a lower spend Data Pack (or Data Value Add by the old name, which have had the same spend & data levels since 24 July 2015) takes effect from your next billing month. Other changes take effect straight away and data & charges may be pro-rated for the remaining portion of your current billing month. Data is to use in Oz, is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads & downloads. See full terms at]

International Roaming: all rates are in $AUD. Call rates are for standard national & international numbers (not premium, satellite or marine numbers) and are charged in 60 second increments. Data is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads and downloads. Roaming is available on postpaid services (but not on prepaid, sorry guys) once activated (you can turn it on or off in My Account or the My Account App). Roaming charges may be delayed, are on top of your monthly minimum spend and aren’t covered by your monthly (within Oz) plan inclusions. Coverage and phone compatibility varies by country and network. For rates, more details and information on our Roaming Data Packs see

Roaming Data Packs: all rates are in $AUD. Data is counted per kilobyte and includes uploads and downloads. After 30 days your pack expires, unused data is lost and does not roll over. See for more information including the Zone 1 countries where packs can be used and the data rates that apply once you’ve used your pack’s allowance.