FairData™ rolls over

Data Rollover gives you a second chance to use what you paid for by automatically rolling over your unused FairData™ to the next month.

We are the only telco in Australia to offer Data Rollover on all new Postpaid plans.

Let's say your plan has 3GB included data, but you have a quiet month and only use 2GB. With Data Rollover, we take your unused 1GB and roll it over to the next month, so you’ll have 4GB to play with.

In other words, you don't lose what you don't use. Because hey, it’s your FairData™ after all.

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What is Data Rollover?

How do I Get Data Rollover?

It's easy! Data Rollover is available to all Postpaid customers, old and new.

Sign up to any of our Postpaid plans, they all come with Data Rollover

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Times you need a little extra FairData™

Manage your FairData™



Our brand new My Account - Postpaid app makes it even easier to control your usage and stay in the know while you're on the go.

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Keep on top of your data usage with Auto-Alerts. We will text you to let you know when you've used approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of calls, text, or data. You can change these alerts to what suits you just by logging into My Account.

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The Fine Print:

Fair Use Policy applies.

FairData: Postpaid customers only. Fair Use Policy and other t&cs apply.

Data Rollover: any unused included data rolls over to the next month only, will be used once the next month's data inclusion has been spent watching cat videos and may be lost forever if you change plans. Hashtag responsibly and enjoy.

Rollover Value: any unused included value for talk & text rolls over to the following month and is used only once the following month's value has been used up.

Velocity Points: open to Velocity members who are Australian residents over 18 years old. See virginmobile.com.au/velocity for full terms.

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