How do I cancel my mobile phone service?

Looking to cancel your mobile service? We have all the info you need below.

Your mobile number

You will need to decide whether you want to keep your mobile number or not.

  • I want to keep my mobile number
    Transferring your mobile number to another carrier will automatically cancel your Virgin Mobile service. You will need to approach another provider and advise you wish to port your number from Virgin Mobile and they will organise this for you.
  • I do not need my mobile number
    Cancelling your number means the number will be put into quarantine and cannot be retrieved or reactivated, and cannot be transferred to another provider.

How much will cancelling cost

  • If you are cancelling a prepaid service then any credit remaining on the service is forfeited.
  • Your last invoice will contain pro-rata charges if cancellation occurs outside of your Billing-Cycle date.
  • If you are still under contract then you will incur a phone payout for the remaining cost of the phone.
  • If you have more than one service on your account, the final charges will be applied only to the service you have cancelled. The other service/s that are still active will be billed as usual.

Final Bill

Your final bill will have charges up to the day the service is active, which means the plan and included value will be pro-rated. For example, if you are on a $50 Plan with $500 included value and cancel exactly half way through your bill cycle, you will pay $25 for your plan and receive $250 of included value. You can view your final bill by logging in to My Account.

How to cancel

Contact us to organise the cancellation of your service.

If you have a Broadband service, see how to cancel a mobile broadband service.

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