How do I change the ownership of my Postpaid service?

Request a change of ownership to move your Postpaid service to somebody else or vice versa.

Things to know before requesting a Change of Ownership

  • If you need to update your account details before submitting a form, log in to My Account.
  • A credit check will be run on the new account holder
  • You will receive a final bill with pro rata charges incurred up to the date the service is transferred from under your name.
  • The new customer's first bill will also contain pro rata charges.
  • During the change of ownership, we may update the plan if the previous plan is no longer available.
  • Once all forms are complete, the a change of ownership will be completed within 2 business days. However, credit check outcomes may have an impact on this timeframe.

How does the form work?

  • Log in to the form with your mobile number and 6 digit PIN.
  • Fill in the form with the mobile number to be transferred and the new customer's details.
  • The new customer will be notified by email of the change of ownership request.
  • The new customer then fills out the form and sends it to us.
  • After we've received all the info and processed the change of ownership, we'll notify both you and the new customer by email.

Request change of ownership online

  • It’s quick and easy to request a change of ownership online
  • Just a couple of steps to complete the request
  • You’ll just need your mobile phone number or account number and PIN to log in
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