How do I check for network outages or planned work?

Virgin Mobile uses the Optus network, which reaches 96.9% of Australians. Should you encounter issues with receiving mobile reception, we recommend following the below steps to determine the potential cause.

Check for Outages/Planned Work

  1. Go to our coverage maps.
  2. Click on the Outages tab.
  3. Enter an address in the address field then click the search button.
  4. Clicking on an affected tower will open further information regarding the outage or planned work as well as the expected resolve date.

Screenshot of the network coverage map showing outage information

If there are no outages or planned work that could be causing the reception issues, we recommend performing some simple phone troubleshooting to get you back up and running.

Phone troubleshooting

  • Power-cycle your phone. Switch your phone off then on again to try and reconnect to the network.
  • Reset network settings: (this will delete WiFi and Bluetooth settings)
    • For iPhone: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    • For Android: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operator > Select Virgin Mobile.
  • Ensure your phone software is up to date. New software is often released to fix known phone issues and to improve the overall functionality of the phone.
  • Try your SIM card in another phone. This will help isolate whether the issue is with the phone or the network.

If you have tried all of the above and still cannot get sufficient signal on your phone, contact us for further assistance.

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