How do I repair my handset under warranty?

If you discover a problem or fault with your device you may be able to have it repaired under warranty. 

Warranty periods vary by device;

  • All phones supplied by Virgin Mobile on 24 month Postpaid plans come with a 24-Month Warranty.
  • Prepaid devices and broadband modems come with a 12 month warranty, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.
  • Accessory warranties may vary and you can refer to the info that came in the original packaging.

Dead On Arrival/Early Life Failure

If your device is faulty within 30 days of purchase it may be deemed to be DOA (Dead On Arrival) or ELF (Early Life Failure). DOA/ELF issues should be referred back to the place of purchase (either nearest store or contact us if purchased direct).

Please note: Apple iPhones have 24 hours from the sale date to quality for DOA/ELF.

If the device is confirmed to be DOA/ELF after inspection by our technicians, Virgin Mobile can issue a brand new device.

After 30 days, the manufacturer's warranty will apply with a repair to your existing device or sending a refurbished device if applicable. Warranty for Virgin Mobile Customers can be processed in store and over the phone with us (it doesn’t have to be the same place you got it).

Warranty and Repairs

We only support the use of official firmware on your device, issued by the manufacturer. Any installation of custom software may void your warranty.

Before submitting your device for repair, remove your SIM card and any working memory cards. Ensure that you prepare the following:

  • The faulty device or accessory
  • Your proof of purchase; original receipt showing the purchase date, device IMEI number and model.

To request the repair of your device, simply contact us or visit your local Virgin Mobile store.

We will organise for your device to be sent away, answer any questions you may have and contact you when your device is ready for pick up. 

Repairing an iPhone running iOS 7 or above? 
Please disable the Find My iPhone feature that requires an Apple ID to restore the device. If you leave it active it may prevent technicians from being able to fix any issues.

Repair Timeframe

Repairs are normally completed within 5-7 business days upon the repair centre receiving your device. The timeframe for a repair will depend on the type of handset and the type of issue. Repairs for suspected battery faults can take up to 15 business days as these phones must be returned via road transport. 

Once submitted, you can track the status of your repair on at any time.

Hot Tip

Did you know that approximately 20% of repair requests we receive were rectified by trying the following 3 steps?

  1. Perform a backup of your contacts, photos, media etc. 
  2. Confirm your device has the latest version of its operating system and update if required
  3. Perform a 'Factory Reset' or 'Restore' of your mobile device

Restore Factory Default Settings on iPhone

1. Tap Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Reset
4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings
5. Tap Erase iPhone
6. Tap Erase iPhone to confirm

Restore Factory Default Settings on Android

1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Backup & reset
3. Tap Factory data reset
4. Tap Reset device
5. Tap Erase everything

Restore Factory Default Settings on Windows Phone

1. Tap Settings
2. Tap about
3. Tap reset your phone
4. Tap yes to accept
5. Tap yes to confirm

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