Mobile Broadband Troubleshooting

If your Virgin Mobile Broadband isn't working the way it should, check out these troubleshooting steps.

Error Messages

There are different error codes you may receive depending on the type of issue that is encountered. They will appear on your screen with a brief description. If you get an error message pop up, the best thing you can do is to disconnect and reconnect your modem. If this fails try the troubleshooting steps below.

Signal Strength

There are four different signal types your modem can pick up:

  • 4G/LTE = Superfast 4G speeds
  • HSDPA = The preferred signal and speed type for 3G
  • UMTS = Fallback connection when no data transfers are in progress
  • GPRS = Generally not a good signal

Connection Issues

If your modem is getting a GPRS signal or not holding a connection, and you're in an area that we do have Mobile Broadband Coverage, try the following to improve your connection:

  • Restart your modem to reset the connection
  • Restart your PC or laptop to reset the connection
  • Test your modem in another location
  • Test your SIM in another modem
  • If possible, uninstall and then reinstall your modem software (this is not available for all modems)

If you've forgotten your modem's WiFi password or need to change it, check out our modem user guides for detailed instructions.

Contact us for further troubleshooting if these steps do not help!

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