Mobile Troubleshooting: Calls, Text & Data

This article covers some basic troubleshooting steps if you’re having difficulty making calls, sending or receiving text or using your data.


If you’re unable to make a call, send or receive text or access your data it may be a simple fix. Follow these instructions:

  1. Turn your phone off and on
  2. Check there are no current issues reported or maintenance being completed in your area here
  3. Test your SIM in another phone. If your SIM works in another phone, yours may need to be assessed under warranty
  4. Swap your SIM
  5. Reset the Network Settings (this will delete WiFi and Bluetooth settings)
  6. Ensure your phone's software is up to date
  7. If you're having trouble with SMS, ensure the SMSC number is +61411990010 in the SMS settings.
  8. Backup all your data and restore/reset your phone to default (don't forget to back up all your data!)

If these simple troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue you’re experiencing, you may need to contact us for further investigation.

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