Virgin Mobile Brand Phase Out FAQs

What's happening?

On May 30 2018 we announced the that the Virgin Mobile brand will be phased out by June 2020. On June 15 2018, we ceased the sale of all Virgin Mobile postpaid mobile and mobile broadband plans.

Virgin Mobile Australia closure extension

We’ve been busy working towards phasing out the Virgin Mobile brand in Australia however, in these unprecedented times, it’s important to us that you stay connected. To make sure you’re not without a service, we’re temporarily extending the closure of Virgin Mobile Australia to 30 September 2020. We’re monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will keep you updated.

Until then, we encourage you to start looking into your options so that you're not without service upon closure of Virgin Mobile Australia at the end of September.

What happens to Virgin Mobile customers?

Customers who are close to finishing their commitment, or have no commitment, may be able to move to an Optus plan right now and take advantage of the special plans they've created just for Virgin Mobile customers.

How do I move to an Optus plan?

If your upgrade status in My Account shows that you are eligible to make the move, simply click “CHECK MY OFFER” to begin your journey.

If your upgrade status in My Account shows that you haven't finished your commitment yet, then hang tight! You can continue to use your service as normal and we'll be in touch with a great Optus offer.

What can I expect after I leave?

Your Final Bill

After you leave Virgin Mobile, we will send you a final bill that will include a pro-rata service charge.

Pro-rata is just a fancy way of saying that we'll only charge you for the days that you had access to your service, i.e. if you spend a minimum of $50 per month on your service, but you decide to leave half-way through the month, we'll only charge you $25 on your last bill.

For more information on your final bill, check out this article.

Your Credit Limit

After your number leaves Virgin Mobile, we reduce your Credit Limit to $0. This means that you may receive an email or SMS advising you that you have reached your Credit Limit.

Don't worry though, there's no need to contact us; just keep an eye out for your final bill.

For more information about the Credit Limit, check out this article.

Managing Your Account Online

After your service/s have left Virgin Mobile, you'll no longer be able to access your account through the app in iOS or Android.

Don't worry though, you can still log in to My Account here with your email address and password.

If you have received notification about switching across to an Optus plan:

What's going on?

We're getting close to phasing out the Virgin Mobile brand in Australia and don't want our customers to be without a service. As a result, we're offering customers the option to move an Optus month-to-month plan plan to help make the switch as easy as possible. If you've received notification about a switch, the below frequently asked questions may be relevant to you.

How does it work?

If you decide not to opt out, your Virgin Mobile service will be switched to an Optus packaged plan which is a month-to-month, no lock-in contract. The switch will take place in the date range you have been allocated in the letter or email sent to you.

You don't have to do anything – all the fuss has been taken out of the switching process.

We'll automatically switch you over to Optus overnight.

You'll wake up with your mobile service working, with the same phone number and SIM.

Will I receive confirmation that my service will be moved to an Optus plan?

Once you've been switched, you'll get a confirmation SMS.

What plan will I move to?

You'll move to Optus month-to-month plan that we believe is best suited to your needs. Check out all the info about the plan by checking the critical information summary link included in the email we've sent to you.

What if I don't want the plan that has been suggested for me?

No worries at all. You can choose a different Optus postpaid mobile plan and switch before we automatically switch your service. The automatic switch will happen on the advised date range we've identified in the recent communication sent to you.

If you prefer to choose a different Optus postpaid mobile plan and switch before we automatically switch your service, you can:

  • Visit and choose a plan
  • Visit the and choose one of the Optus plans that are exclusive to existing Virgin Mobile customers
  • Call us at 13 63 69 or 1300 555 100
  • Visit your local Optus retail store

Otherwise, you can make a change to your plan after the switch, as we're moving you to a month-to-month plan.

Do I need to change my SIM card?

Nope! There's no need to get a new SIM card, you can keep using the Virgin Mobile SIM card that's in your phone right now.

Can I keep the same number?

Yes, definitely! When you switch plans, you'll have the same mobile number.

Will my service be cut off?

During the switch to an Optus Choice Packaged plan you may experience downtime of 15 minutes up to 4 hours. However, to help minimise the impact, we'll be completing the switch overnight. You'll receive an SMS once the switch has been successful.

If there are issues experienced on the night, we'll contact you in the morning.

What if I am travelling overseas when my service is switched to Optus?

If you are travelling overseas and are using a Virgin Mobile Roaming Data pack, this will not be transferred to your new Optus plan. You cannot use your included calls and data if you are overseas. If you want to use your mobile phone when you're overseas, you'll need to activate roaming if it's not already on. You can check your roaming settings and turn it on/off using My Account:

  • You will be charged at standard roaming rates for your mobile;
  • You may be able to purchase a travel option (note, these are only available for certain countries).

What If I want to switch my service at an Optus Retail store? Is that possible?

Certainly! You can visit your local Optus Retail store and discuss Optus plans, and options for switching your plan.

A friend, house mate or family member didn't receive any communication about the automatic switch to an Optus plan but wants to. What is happening?! What can they do?

All Virgin Mobile customers have been allocated a date range which their service will be automatically switched to an Optus plan. Customers are being communicated to on a rolling basis, and not all at the exact same time. Communication depends on the date range allocation of their automatic switch.

They can still change plans! Check out or visit My Account

What If I am switched from Virgin Mobile to an Optus plan in the middle of my billing cycle?
If you're service is switched within your Virgin Mobile billing cycle, you will receive a prorated final bill from Virgin Mobile reflecting the time within the billing cycle that you were with Virgin Mobile. Your first month after your service has been automatically switched to Optus, is free of plan fees.

Will I receive marketing messages after I move to an Optus Choice Packaged plan?

You'll be asked to choose your marketing preferences as part of the onboarding journey when you switch to Optus.

Will my direct debit with Virgin Mobile be automatically transferred across to Optus?

No. You will need to set up a new direct debit. You can set up direct debit via the My Optus app or through My Account. If you have more than one Optus account, you'll need to set up direct debit separately for each account.

What if I don't want to be moved to an Optus plan?
You can cancel your service at any time with Optus, or switch to a different provider. Your first month after your service has been switched, is free of plan fees.

You can opt out by visiting the link provided in your communication. You must do this by the date outlined in the comms received notifying your switch date, after which you'll have to call us on 1300 555 100. If you opt out, your service will be cancelled on 30 June 2020.

What if I already have an active Optus account?

Once your Virgin Mobile service has been switched to Optus, you will receive confirmation. Once you have received that confirmation, please feel free to contact the team at Optus with your billing details to have all your services merged onto one account.

I like the Auto Migration plan, but I want to add a new phone too! How can I do that?

Easy! After your service is switched to Optus, you will be notified. Once your service has been switched to Optus, you can add a phone or other device by:

  • Visiting and choose a device that suits your needs
  • Visit your local Optus retail store

Loss of Voicemail upon cancelation of Virgin Mobile Australia Service

We know that you may have saved an important voicemail on your Virgin Service that you’d like to keep. Unfortunately, when cancelling your Virgin Mobile service, all voicemail will be lost and is not recoverable. This will be the case for all Virgin Mobile services – both Prepaid and Postpaid services. If there is a voicemail on your Virgin Mobile service that is important to you, we suggest you explore alternative options through third parties and Apps that allow you to save the voicemail on a device.

What will happen to my Velocity membership?

If your service is switched to an Optus plan as part of the automatic process, you will no longer receive Velocity points as an ongoing benefit. Your Velocity membership will remain otherwise unaffected. For more information on Velocity and Virgin Australia's recent announcement, please click here.

When can I get in touch with the Customer Support Team by phone?

You may reach our Customer Support team, Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm EST.

Customer Support by Phone:

  • 1300 555 100 (From within Australia)
  • +612 8860 9848 (From overseas)

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