Virgin Mobile Brand Phase Out FAQs

What's happening?

On May 30 2018 we announced the that the Virgin Mobile brand will be phased out by early 2020. On June 15 2018, we ceased the sale of all Virgin Mobile postpaid mobile and mobile broadband plans.

What happens to Virgin Mobile customers?

Customers who have signed for a 24 month commitment can continue to use their service as normal.

Customers who are close to finishing their commitment, or have no commitment, may be able to move to Optus right now and take advantage of the special plans they’ve created just for Virgin Mobile customers.

How do I know if I can move to Optus?

To see if you can make the move to Optus now, check out your upgrade status in My Account.

How do I move to Optus?

If your upgrade status in My Account shows that you are eligible to make the move, simply click “CHECK MY OFFER” to begin your journey.

If your upgrade status in My Account shows that you haven’t finished your commitment yet, then hang tight! You can continue to use your service as normal and we’ll be in touch with a great Optus offer further down the line.

What can I expect after I leave?

Your Final Bill

After you leave Virgin Mobile, we will send you a final bill that will include a pro-rata service charge.

Pro-rata is just a fancy way of saying that we’ll only charge you for the days that you had access to your service, i.e. if you spend a minimum of $50 per month on your service, but you decide to leave half-way through the month, we’ll only charge you $25 on your last bill.

For more information on your final bill, check out this article.

Your Credit Limit

After your number leaves Virgin Mobile, we reduce your Credit Limit to $0. This means that you may receive an email or SMS advising you that you have reached your Credit Limit.

Don't worry though, there's no need to contact us; just keep an eye out for your final bill.

For more information about the Credit Limit, check out this article.

Managing Your Account Online

After your service/s have left Virgin Mobile, you’ll no longer be able to access your account through the our app in iOS or Android.

Don’t worry though, you can still log in to My Account here with your email address and password.

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