What are the APN settings for internet, MMS and tethering?

This info will help you enter the correct settings to allow you to access the internet, send MMS or use your phone for tethering and personal hotspots. This is referred to as APN (Access Point Name) settings.

Note: If you have a tablet or modem take a look at our Broadband APN settings

Differences between the APNs

Virgin Mobile customers can utilise either the YESINTERNET or VirginInternet APN's depending on the type of phone you have. The differences between the two are outlined below.

APN Name Device What's it used for?
YESINTERNET 3G/4G To connect to the internet
MMS 3G/4G To send and receive MMS
VirginInternet 3G Connect 3G-only services to the internet
VirginWAP 3G Restricts access to internet + enables WAP

How to update your settings from VirginInternet to Yesinternet

OK, so you want to change from VirginInternet to YESINTERNET?

  • Send a free text that says ‘4G’ to 226 using your Virgin Mobile (Texts to 226 are free).
  • We’ll send you a notification text, then 2 configuration texts
  • Follow your phone’s instructions to save and install the 2 configuration texts
  • Start using 4G (As long as you are in a 4G coverage area with a 4G device). Note it could take up to 24hrs for 4G to be enabled but is usually much quicker. You’ll then be on the YESINTERNET APN and extra data will be charged as follows:
    • Postpaid: $10 per Gigabyte, charged in 1 kilobyte units
    • Prepaid:12c per megabyte, charged in 1 megabyte units

Generic APN Settings

  • Each APN is not case sensitive
  • Authentication Type and APN Type are not always essential
Proxy - -
Port - -
Username - -
Password - -
Server - -
MMSC - http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002/
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 8070
MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+) WAP 2.0 WAP 2.0
MCC 505 505
MNC 02 02
Auth Type PAP PAP
APN Type internet or default MMS


Settings VirginInternet  VirginMMS 
Name VirginInternet VirginMMS
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- http://mms.virginvibe.com.au:8002/
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
- 8070 or 9201
MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+)
- -
Auth Type
APN Type
internet or default

* Google Nexus phones may need the MVNO type changed to IMSI for both MMS & Internet settings

The charging increments and extra data charges differ depending on the internet APN used:

APN Prepaid Postpaid
YESINTERNET 12¢/MB deducted in 1MB units $10/ GB deducted in 1kb units
VirginInternet $2.05/MB deducted in 1kb units $10/ GB deducted in 1kb units

How to enter APN Settings

For a step by step visual guide on entering the APN settings on your phone, check out our Device Guides page or follow the steps below.


APN settings are automatically updated to YESINTERNET and MMS when syncing an iPhone with iTunes and MMS will work if MMS and Mobile Data have been enabled.

iPhone Personal Hotspots can be turned ON/OFF under Settings > Personal Hotspot

If you're a Prepaid iPhone user - ensure you have 4G enabled on your Prepaid service to enjoy iPhone Personal Hotspots.


As a first option to resolve any data issues, try restoring the settings to default. In the Access Point Names menu, click More or Settings then tap reset to defaults. Try the following if still no luck:

If Packet Data is turned on in Mobile Data/Networks then:

  1. Select Settings
  2. More Networks or More... or Wireless & Networks or Mobile Data or Mobile Networks
  3. Mobile Data or Mobile Networks
  4. Access Point Names
  5. Press Menu Button (Sony = bottom right, others = bottom left)
  6. Select New APN (or Reset to default if the phone came from Virgin Mobile)

Windows Phone

  1. Select Settings
  2. Access Point Name
  3. Add
  4. Internet APN
  5. MMS APN (scroll down to view)

If settings are locked or cannot be changed on your Windows Phone please contact the manufacturer.

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