What are the Mobile Broadband APN Settings?

To get the internet up and running on your modem or tablet with a Virgin Mobile Broadband SIM you will need to enter the APN settings shown below.

APN Settings

  • Profile Name: yesinternet
  • APN: Static
  • APN Name: yesinternet
  • Access Number: *99#
  • User Name: <empty, Apple Macs must have something here, anything is fine>
  • Password: <empty, Apple Macs must have something here, anything is fine>

Advanced Settings

  • Authentication: PAP
  • IP: Dynamic
  • DNS: Dynamic
  • Wins: Dynamic

How to enter these settings


Find your way into the network settings of your modem or tablet and enter the settings above.

If you are unsure where this information goes, please contact the maker of your device.


  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > APN Settings
  2. Tap on APN and enter the APN Name above
  3. Leave the username and password empty

Android tablets

This will differ depending on the tablet you have but the basics steps are listed below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Mobile Networks (you may need to tap on More or More Settings or Wireless and Networks)
  3. Tap on Access Point Names
  4. Enter the APN settings above

If you require further assistance setting up your modem or tablet we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

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