What happens when my contract ends?

When your contract ends with us, you’ll still be able to use your service as normal on a month to month basis until advised otherwise. You’ll continue to be charged your monthly rate plan fees, minus any handset repayments you may have been paying. Below are other options you may wish to explore.

What are my options?

Log into My Account to check if you’re if your eligible for an early upgrade with Optus. Alternatively, call us to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I change plans at the end of my contract, can I change back to my old plan?

If you’ve moved to a new family of plans then you won’t be able to move back to your old plan.

My plan has a data bonus, will this remain when the contract ends?

Yes it will, however if you change plans then this may be removed.

What happens to insurance when my contract ends?

You will continue to be charged insurance premiums until you cancel insurance on your service. This means you’ll still be able to make a claim should anything happen to your current phone.

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