What is Pro Rata?

Pro-rata means 'a portion'. Your bill will be pro-rated, where you will be charged a portion of your plan and receive a portion of your plan's included value when you;

  • First activate your service
  • Upgrade your service
  • Rate plan change
  • Cancel your service

If you make a change part way through your bill cycle, such as changing to a new plan or upgrading, the pro-rata amounts for both plans are combined so you pay for and receive a total included value to use for the month.

Included data is not subject to pro-rata, which means you will always receive the full included monthly data that comes with your plan.

This means that your next bill might look a little different as it will reflect those changes due to pro-rata billing. Unless you have received your final bill, any future bills will show a normal monthly charge and you'll receive a full month of plan inclusions.

Pro-rata Notifications

You can find pro-rata information detailing your new included value amount and what percentage of this you have used so far by logging into My Account.

You will also receive an SMS notification with this information when you; 

  • Change your plan or upgrade to a new phone and plan
  • When a suspension is removed or a disconnected number is reactivated

How is Pro-Rata Billing calculated? 

To work out the pro-rata period: 

If you started your service on the 1st of the month, and your billing end date is the 9th of the month (meaning the 10th is your new billing start date and usage reset date), you will only be charged for the 9 days (inclusive days between the 1st and the 9th of the month) you were active and you'll receive a portion (pro-rata) of your included value.

Once you have the pro-rata days you can work out the following:

To work out the minimum monthly spend:

  1. Minimum Monthly Spend  / Days in Month = Daily Rate
  2. Daily Rate x Pro Rata Days = Minimum Monthly Spend Pro Rata Amount

To work out the maximum included value:

  1. Maximum Included Talk and Text / Days in Month = Daily Rate 
  2. Daily Rate x Pro Rata Days = Maximum Included Talk and Text Pro Rata Amount

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