We try to keep your bills as simple as possible - just the info you need, and the payment options you want.

Your first bill

Your first bill will be a little different to others that you'll receive. That's because the period between the date you join and your first bill will be less than a full month (the date your first bill is calculated will depend on your bill cycle), and so we adjust your access fees, included credit and data accordingly. This adjustment is in proportion ('Pro Rata') to a full month.

Here's an example

You join on July 14 on a $29 plan with $300 credit and 1GB data. If your first bill is done on July 21 (in this example, you are on 'Bill Cycle 21'), your first bill will include 7 days credit ($300/31 x 7 = $67.74) and data (1GB/31 x 7 = 226MB), for which you'll pay 7 days of access fees ($29/31 x 7 = $6.55).

Want more information?

  • Read more about how your first bill is calculated in our Pro Rata FAQ
  • To look up your bill cycle, log in to My Account then click on 'Your Account History'
  • Check out our interactive bill to learn what everything on your bill means

Spend Management

Credit Limits

To help manage your spend in between bills Virgin Mobile has credit limits on accounts. Credit Limits are in place to help you manage your spend and avoid nasty surprises at bill time!

Find out what your credit limit is.

Save money with electronic billing

Simply visit My Account, go the update details section and opt-in for electronic billing. Save money and help the planet - it's win-win!

Paying your bills

Whether it's BPAY™, credit card, cheque or direct debit, you can preview and pay your bills easily and quickly via My Account.

Direct Debit

If you want to automate the process of paying your bills, simply visit My Account and set up a direct debit.